Saturday, January 05, 2013

It's always a good time in Boracay

Finally! I found the luxury of time to update my blog with this very long overdue post about my short but very memorable vacay in Boracay, the island of happiness and beach bumming for me..

The last time I visited Boracay, I vowed to return by hook or by crook..2 years after, I'm back...

The smiles after checking in despite the heavy rains

  while waiting for our flight @ Mactan International Airport

the gloomy and rainy weather that caused the delay of our flight for 4 freaking hours!

 Finally, we arrived safely.

 After checking in at La Carmela de Boracay

and this is what happens when we are in the same!!

 Paris in Boracay <3

  It's always a good time when you are with people who make your life all worth living for.. friends are happiness overload!!!

 getting ready for Paraw sailing

 Enjoying d'Talipapa and scouring for some souvenirs

       enjoying Boracay's night life on our 2nd all the time!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Enchanting El Nido

Palawan was just then a dream destination, but last March 10, the dream became a reality. I have been longing to visit this place for quite a while, so when the opportunity came, without second thoughts I grabbed the offer. We booked our ticket early January since Cebu Pacific was having a sale for Puerto Princesa (thanks for promo fare, they made travelling easy and affordable). The initial plan was just to tour around Puerto Princesa but luck was on our side, we were able to get a very good deal for El Nido. So, off we go to El Nido.

We left Cebu on March 10 for Palawan and we arrived before 12 noon at Puerto Princesa. There we meet with our tour guide and we started our 6 hours travel to El Nido but since the driver drives so fast and is well adept with the long, winding road to El Nido we made it only in 4 hours. We arrived at 4:30 in the afternoon . We stayed at Hadefe, which is a few minutes walk from the main road. We took a shower, watch our 1st sunset and off we go to tour the town and look for a place where we can eat dinner. We went to the town plaza and had dinner in one of the grills there. The plaza was so colorful and bursting with activity since it’s just a few days before the town fiesta which happens to be on the 16th of March. After dinner, we took a stroll along the seashore and had some drinks at Seaslugs where a live band is performing. After that we headed back to our cottage and called the day off so as to prepare for the next day activities. It’s gonna be a long, exciting and fun-filled day ahead.

Small Lagoon
This was our first stop for the tour. The place has a small opening for the entrance so the boat cannot enter, its either you swim or kayak, we chose the latter. I was in awe when we are inside the small lagoon, the karst formation is awesome and the place is so serene. There were lots of tourist inside.

entrance to small lagoon

the pristine waters inside small lagoon

Big Lagoon
We just pass by big lagoon and the place is perfect for picture backdrop.

the Big Lagoon behind us

Secret Lagoon

inside secret lagoon

? Beach
This is were we had lunch. while waiting for our lunch to be served we spent our time swimming and enjoying the pristine waters of El Nido. Lunch consist of freshly grilled fish and squid, cucumber salad, and fruits. Perfect ambiance paired with yummy food, feels oh so heavenly.

our yummy lunch

7 Commando Beach
Our last stop for the day. We had fresh buko juice here sold for 30 pesos a piece.

A view of 7 Commando Beach fresh buko juice at 7 Commando
Despite the tsunami that has just happened in Japan, this did not dampen our spirit to continue our island hoppping tour.

Matinloc Shrine

breathtaking view from the top

Talisay Beach
Im not quite sure if this is the name of this beach but as far as I remember this is the name our guide told us. We had lunch here.
having fun swimming while waiting for our food

Secret Beach
My favorite spot of all. Legend says that this beach inspired Alex Garland's novel "The Beach", which was written during his stay in El Nido. It is only accessible through a narrow crevice in a rock wall and one must swim underwater to get inside. I had second thoughts going inside since its kinda risky, you have to be very careful in entering the narrow opening, despite the waves without bumping the walls of sharp rocks but Kuya Emil, our guide assured me that its all worth the risk. So, i took the risk and was in awe, it was like paradise right before my very eyes.
having a dip at Secret Beach's clear water

Snake Island
Is named as such since the sandbar resembles the shape of a snake. The S-shaped sandbar is visible when the tide is low and is best viewed atop.
the long stretch of sandbar can be viewed from the top

Cudugnon Cave
This cave is only accessible only through a small opening that will lead you to a narrow empty space in the middle. I did not went inside since when I peek its all rocks...hehhee...This cave is known to be the burial site during the Neolithic Period. There’s a part of the cave thats off limits for safety reason since the rock were steep and sharp, this is where part of the remains of our ancestors lie. Beside the Cudugnon cave is a house, its the only house I have seen in the island and when we arrive we were greeted by the friendly dogs and since i did not went inside i just enjoy the sight of the beach and watching the 2 dogs playing, so carefree and free since they have the place all for themselves.

the small entrance of Cudugnon cave
inside Cudugnon cave

We spent our last night in El Nido roaming around the town looking for some souvenir shop, we also went to the town plaza to watch some performances that was held, and we had dinner at this restaurant which i forgot the name, but the food was fantastic and the serving was a plus. It was beyond our expectation. After dinner we hang at Sea Slugs for some cool music and to enjoy the cool balmy air and the soothing sound of the waves.

Words are not enough to describe the magnificence of El Nido, its like a piece of heaven on earth for me. This is probably one of the best vacation i ever had. Great company, perfect destination..there's nothing more that I can ask for.

Thursday, November 04, 2010


It's good to be back in the blogging world... Oh, i miss u so my dear blog. It's been quite a while. A long, long year. A lot has happened and changed, and life has been quite better. Been to few places, achieve some with regards to my career but not the one that i have waited for so long (i still need to work on it..Double Time!), faced new challenges in life and made decisions that really matters although not everyone was happy, but then that's life, you cannot please everybody but what really matters is that I have my family's support and approval and I am proud to say I don't have any regrets at all. It has been a wise decision after all.

Monday, September 04, 2006

what's normal now...

What's normal now:
seeing my mom crying whenever she is left alone at home
going to the cemetery during sundays after my duty
sleeping in my bed with an empty space beside me
crying whenever i look at my sister's dress in her closet
having to put a brave front when i'm with my mother
learning to smile and put a happy facade fakely
a heart full of hate...hating life itself

When will this agony end???....when can i see the light? the promise of a new dawn? will i ever see it again?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I dreamt of my sister the other night, it was her 4th month death anniversary. Was it her way of visiting me? And now i feel as if a cold wind is enveloping me, eventhough there is no air coming from the electric fan, is it her? Is she embracing me at this very moment and assuring me that everything is alright?

Sometimes I can't understand myself, I always tell to myself, to trust everything to the Lord and never lose faith in Him for He knows what He is doing and this is just one of the trials He has given us to make us a better person, but at the corner of my mind my faith is slowly crumbling, it was shattered to several tiny pieces that I have a hard time picking it all up and I would be a hypocrite if i will say that my faith is still intact after everything that has happened. My foundation of faith was not that really strong, contrary to what I have always believed before. I ask the same questions over and over again to myself....but still I haven't found even one answer to my gazillions of questions. It still doesn't make sense yet. I know it is still too premature but my heart and my mind is restless and tired. My desperation to hold and see my sister again becomes more intense with each passing day .

For now, another day without her feels so empty and senseless. My life now is very different, it took a sudden major twist. My life, my views has changed. I live for the moment now and though I still plan for the future I don't anticipate it with much enthusiasm as it was before... when life was still good. I go wherever the winds of time will take me. "Que sera, sera...whatever will be, will be" as how a famous song line goes. It's useless to dream now...when someone who shares my dreams is not with me to partake with my success. We were halfway to fulfillment when she suddenly left can i go on??? now that I have broken a wing . How can I soar high to reach the peak with a broken wing? I don't know, but deep inside me I know she will always be around to support and guide us to make it through, to be able to continue to fulfill the dreams that we have built. From the start and till the end, she has always been happy and silently proud for all the achievements me and my other sister have made and the same way we are to her.

You will always live on for us my little sister, you may not be given the chance to be a nurse and serve the people here on earth but I know there's a special place for you to practice your profession. Somehow, someday when we meet, we can live for our dreams again but not in these phase of life. I know someday there will be more nights wherein I can sleep without soaking my pillow with tears ..... that special lavender pillow you chose for me last christmas .